About the M-team

M-team has been part of the Ambulatory Clinic of the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine at Ghent University in Belgium for a number of years. The team’s mission is to provide advice, service and training related to udder health and milk quality, tailored to the needs of the farmer. Our work is based on scientific knowledge leading to healthier cows and more profitable and sustainable dairy farming. Our modus operandi includes conducting of high-level scientific research, providing services for farmers, veterinarians and the industry, and teaching at both graduate and post-graduate level. Currently, the team consists of a number of veterinarians who are primarily involved in research and is partially supported by three technicians.

The M-team fulfills as part of Ghent University tasks in the field of:

  1. Services

  2. Education and

  3. Scientific research

The latter is performed within the Mastitis and Milk Quality Research Unit (M²RU).

Members of the M-team


Prof. Dr. Sarne De Vliegher
Dr. Sofie Piepers


Pieter Passchyn
Anneleen De Visscher
Reshat Jashari
Marina Stevens
Kristine Piccart
Dimitri Valckenier
Zyncke Lipkens
Ameline Wuytack
Tadele Tolosa

Supported by

Els De Fré
Steven Bruneel