M-team Jimma

What is M-team Jimma?

The M-team UGent is involved in a project funded by VLIR-UOS and headed by Prof. dr. Luc Duchateau (UGent). Within the Institutional University Cooperation project IUC-JU a cooperation with the University of Jimma, Ethiopia, has been established. The aims of the subproject “Mastitis” are to picture and improve the current mastitis situation in Jimma together with local researchers. This will results in a better income for the local smallholder dairy farmers. By focusing on milk quality as well the project will result in safer food for the local community. "M-team Jimma" was founded to reach those goals, a team of veterinarians and technicians headed by Dr. Tadele Tolosa. The team will motivate farmers to work on udder health and milk quality. To stimulate the farmers to cooperate with the ongoing field studies, M-team Jimma provides training and veterinary services.


Training of farmers at Jimma University College of Agriculture and Veterinary Medicine by M-team Jimma


Current staff of M-team Jimma: headed by Dr. Tadele Tolosa (right) and including Dr. Abebaw Gashaw, Dr. Mulugeta Tefara (middle) and two technicians (left and second from left).


M-team Jimma collecting research data on farm.