Clinical field trials

The M-team also conducts clinical field trials for pharmaceutical companies as well as for companies from the feeding and agro-industry. This includes the proposition of a scientifically sound study design, execution of the field work, analysis of the data, and publication of the findings in a final report and scientific publication.

Executed clinical field trials

  • "Effect of oral supplementation of medium-chain fatty acids (Aromabiotic┬«) on udder health, milk production, and neutrophil viability of dairy cattle.” Partner: Nuscience

  • “Systemic prepartum treatment of dairy heifers with penethamate to control heifer mastitis”. Partner: Boehringer Ingelheim France and Belgium

  • "Evaluation of ease-to-use of Startvac┬« and the effect on udder health and milk production of dairy cows and heifers on two Flemish dairy herds." Partner: HIPRA S.A. Laboratories

  • "Immunological response after vaccination of dairy cattle with Startvac┬«." Partner: Hipra S.A. Laboratories