Mission statement

-magazine reports on mastitis and milk quality from a global perspective, flavored with regional facts and figures, with a scientifically sound basis, and tailored for the dairy professional.

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General information

The M-team is happy to announce we are currently working on the first editions of M²-magazine, a magazine on mastitis and milk quality for the dairy professional. This is an effort shared by the M-team from UGent and Rekad Publishing House. We have brought together our experience, energy, passion and network to start this international magazine.

M²-magazine targets top dairy farmers and dairy farm managers, consultants, leading veterinarians with a specific interest in dairy cows and herd health management, university professors and personnel, businesspeople active in the dairy industry... that want to stay in touch with new developments related to mastitis and milk quality.

M²-magazine will bring international information, highlights and news related to mastitis and milk quality, from a global perspective and flavored with local facts and figures, and with a scientifically sound basis. Themes and sections that will be included on a regular basis in M²-magazine will be: business news, research news, interviews with researchers and businessmen, reports on research institutes, updates on research and communication projects, abstracts of PhD defenses, overviews and trends in milk quality and mastitis prevalence/incidence worldwide, advisors@work, vets@work, reports on the dairy industry in a certain region (e.g. New-Zealand, China, Brazil, ...), papers focusing on a certain pathogen (e.g. Klebsiella, CNS, ...) or management tool (e.g. teat dipping, dry cow treatment, ...), reports of different dairy management systems in the world, reports of past conferences, announcements of future meetings, seminars, conferences, ...